Family histories are diverse, fascinating, and unique, so here we appreciate the importance of uncovering ones past and family legacy. On this page, we shall outline the history of some of South Somerset's esteemed family dynasties. However, we're not just interested in the aristocratic elite. At the Community Heritage Access Centre we have a range of materials which might be useful in your family research such as our extensive photo archive of 19th and 20th century Yeovil and  the Batten archives detailing economic and legal activities for South Somerset dating back as far as 500 years. However, we must point out that, although we hope to be able to help and have information relevant to your family history we cannot promise it and naturally the more prominent the person in society the larger the social record of them shall be.

If you would like to enquire, give us a ring, email or make an appointment. There is a small charge of £5 for answering involved enquiries, where staff time is taken up finding information but please feel free to give us a call.


Read about notable families from the past:


The Batten Family


The Dampier and  Bide Families


The Daniel Family


The Old and Goodford Families


The Petter Family


The Vining Family


In addition to our potted history of esteemed local families we also have a selection of local history files and documents that may be of further interest or relevance to your families. Click on the link below to browse them.


Other family related documents

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