Highlights from the Stiby Firearms Collection


Perhaps one of the real gems at the Community Heritage Access Centre is the Stiby Fire Arms Collection. This collection constitutes over 70 guns and a dozen edged weapons and was donated to the first museum in Yeovil by the man whom the collection is named after: well-remembered former mayor, Henry Stiby.


Within the collection are examples of gun craft from the 17th century ranging through to the later 19th century illustrating a variety of different aspects of the gun making craft. Whilst some of them are functional issues, others are of significant ornamental and artistic merit and of diverse origin with examples from England, France, and Germany.  Overall this collection is a great example of European gunmanship.


The highlights of this collection can be seen below 


Dutch Matchlock Musket 266 Japanese Matchlock Gun 266

An early Dutch Matchlock Musket

Japanese Matchlock Gun

Mortimer Sporting Gun 266 Indian Matchlock Musket 266

Mortimer Sporting Gun

Indian Matchlock Musket

German Sport 266 Turkish 266

German Sporting Gun

The Turkish Flint Lock Gun

Manton 5 266 Baker Rifle 2 266

The Manton Shotgun

The Baker Military Rifle

Tab Pistol 3 266 Bolt Rifle 2 266

Single Barrelled Pistols

Bolt Rifle

Henri Martini 4 266 Mortimer Turks 2 266

The Martini-Henri Rifle

Turkish Styled Mortimer Pistols


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