Highlights from the Stevens-Cox Coin Collection



The Stevens-Cox collection was kindly bequeathed to CHAC in 1997 and constitutes a significant and vast archaeological archive on the history of South-Somerset. Ranging from Prehistoric through to Post Medieval, although concentrating on Roman and Medieval eras, it illustrates the history and development of Ilchester.


The archive is divided into two sections:

- The archaeology collection: containing examples of Roman and Medieval pottery, masonry, jewellery such as brooches, bone artefacts as well as an assortment of Roman tesserae


 -The numismatic collection: containing a vast array of Roman coins, 18th and 19th century Somerset trade tokens and numerous coins from periods in-between. 


The ancient coins from the collection number over 800  the highlights of which can be seen on this page. These dozen coins have been picked because of their historical importance, artistic merit or remarkable level of preservation.


Iron Age Bronze Stata Obv 100 Trajan Denarius Obv 100 Antoninus Pius Obv_100 Julia Domna Obv_100
Iron Age Bronze Stater Denarius of Trajan Sestertius of Antoninus Pius Denarius of Julia Domna
Gordianus III Obv_100 Marius Obv_100 Constantine Sol Obv_100 VRBS Roma Obv_100
Silver Radiate of Gordianus III The Rare Radiate of Marius Nummus of Constantine The Great VRBS ROMA - The House of Constantine
Nummus of Constans, One Standard Obv_100 Nummus of Constans, Two victories Obv_100 Nummus of Constantius II Obv_100 Nummus of Theodosius II Obv_100
Nummus of Constans, One Standard Nummus of Constans, Two victories Nummus of Constantius II Nummus of Theodosius II

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