The Highlights of the Stevens-Cox Archaeology Collection


The Stevens-Cox collection was kindly bequeathed to us in 1997 and constitutes a significant and vast archaeological archive on the history of South-Somerset. Ranging from Prehistoric through to Post Medieval, although concentrating on Roman and Medieval eras, it illustrates the history and development of Ilchester.


The archive is divided into two sections:

- The archaeology collection: containing examples of Roman and Medieval pottery, masonry, jewellery such as brooches, bone artefacts as well as an assortment of Roman tesserae


 -The numismatic collection: containing a vast array of Roman coins, 18th and 19th century Somerset trade tokens and numerous coins from periods in-between. 



Shapwick Track 266 Necklace 266

Bronze Age Trackway

Gypsy Necklace

Carbonised Grain 266 Plaster 266

Carbonised Grain

Roman Wall Plaster

Brooch 266 Ring 266

Roman Brooch

Roman Ring

Mosaic 266 Tusk 266

Low Ham Mosaic

Boar Tusk

Smoother 266 Pin Beater 266

Saxon Linen Smoother

Saxon Pin Beater

Pipe 266 Button 266

Clay Pipe

Ivelchester Button


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