The Archaeology Collection Highlights 


One of the most wide ranging collections held at the Community Heritage Access Centre is the Archaeology Collection and it includes material ranging from prehistoric to the early modern period. However, unlike the Stevens-Cox collection, these artefacts are not the result of one man's passion for local history, but rather the consequence of archaeological effort from all over the South Somerset area.


Showcased on this page are the twelve highlights of the archaeology section.


Arrowhead 266 Bronze Axe View 1 266
Neolithic Arrowhead

Bronze Age Axe

Bronze Age Horse Fittings View 1 266 Iron Age Broach 266

Bronze/Iron Age Horse Fittings

Iron Age Brooch

Chinese Knife Coin 266 Samian Ware View 1 266

Chinese Knife Coin

Roman Samian ware

Mars 4 Papal Bulla Obverse 266

The Mars of West Coker

The Papal Bulla

Goblet View 1 266 Knights of Malta Obverse 266

The post medieval Goblet

The Order of St John

Bowl Sherd View 1 266 Beer Owl 266

Decorated bowl

Cider owl

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