Highlights from the Industrial Collections



In line with the significantly industrial nature of Yeovil's past we house a large collection of industrial material. This area of the collection includes numerous examples of gloving tools, ranging from sewing machines, stretching tools, and cutting equipment, as well as the influential and important 'Gloving Donkey.' All of this and former factory archives contribute to a fascinating collection detailing the major industry of Yeovil's past. However gloving is not the only trade represented in our collections, other industries such as the St Ivel Diaries, Westlands and the enduring printing trade are curated here too.


Showcased on here are just 12 selected items from the industrial collections at the Community Heritage Access Centre. These items may vary in size but were all from important industries that dominated the South Somerset area over the last few centuries.




Gloving Donkey 266 Pique Sewing 266

The Gloving Donkey

Sewing Machine

linotype 266 Barely Hummer 266


Barely Hummer

Webbing knife 266 Weights and Measures 266

Webbing knife

Weights and Measures

Curd Breaker 266 Thatching legget 266

The Curd Breaker

Thatching Leggit

Horse shoes 266 Petters Engine 266

Horse Shoes

Petters Engine

Locomotion 266 Wheelwrights tool 266

Yeovil Train Plate

Wheelwrights tool

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