St Johns Church Yeovil by British School


 St Johns Church Yeovil


This painting is of one of Yeovil's most iconic buildings, the Church of St John, and is believed to have been painted in or around 1750 by the British School of artists.

One of the most interesting aspects of this painting is the difference in what you see here and what you would see if your survey the scene today. Although the church still stands proud with no major architectural changes, the graveyard surrounding it has.

During the 19th century Yeovil experienced a number of public health problems because of its increasing industrialisation and expanding population, so much so that a number of reforms and laws were passed to remedy the situation. One of these actions included the closure of the St Johns Graveyard and the opening of a new one on Preston road in 1860. Since then the numerous grave stones and memorials in the foreground of the painting have disappeared creating a much more open approach to the modern St Johns.

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