The Ceramics & Glassware Highlights


Another area of the collections at the Heritage Centre is the Ceramic & Glassware collection, one that is broadly composed of objects with a local connection or importance. The undoubted highlights of the collection are the Riot Jugs, upon which more information is available from the timeline on this website. However, other artefacts listed in the collection include a range of bottles and jugs relating to local brewers and milk companies, as well as a variety of pharmaceutical containers from a former local chemist.

Available to view on this page are the 12 highlights of the Ceramics & Glassware collection, click on the links to reveal more information about each piece.



Wide Glass 1 266 Blue White Glass 1 266

17th century Wine Flask

The Double Necked Glass Vessel

Blue China 1 266 Riot Jug 266

Blue Bone China

The Riot Jug

Yeovil Cow 1 266 Yeovil Cup and Saucer 266

Yeovil Crested Cow

Yeovil Crested Cup & Saucer

Glass Decanter 2 266 St Ivel Cheese Dish 266

The elegant Decanter

St Ivel Cheese Dish

Newton Bottle 2 266 Plumbi Idoninum 1 266

Newton Chemist Bottle

Lead Iodine Bottle

Yeovil Dairies 1 266 Ginger Ale 266

Yeovil Dairies

A Ginger Ales Bottle

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