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The Quedam Shopping Centre - what's in a name

Visitors to Yeovil and even long-time residents often ask where does the word Quedam come from? And even more may ask - how is it pronounced?

Notes from: Yeovil History In Street Names, Leslie Brooke, p.12

"In a document of the reign of Henry III (1216-1272) it is named Quidhamstrete and only became Vicarage Street following the establishment of the Vicarage of St John's there in 1377, though deeds of 1539 and 1548 still refer to Quedamstrete. The name Quedam may be the result of a misunderstanding. In early documents if the name of a location was unknown it was often recorded as 'property in a certain street'. As all these documents were written in Latin, the word 'quedam' meaning 'a certain' was used. A more unlikely connection is that the word quid-ham, might have been derived from the Old English 'cwidu' - mastic or resin and ham, an enclosure - making this "a place where resin was produced."

The first phase of the Quedam Shopping Centre opened in October 1984.

Gratitude to Wikipedia, Museum of South Somerset Photographic Collection, Leslie Brooke and Jack Sweet.

The Quedam Shopping Centre

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