Leslie Brooke, Yesterday's Yeovil: A Sketchbook (Buckingham) Barracuda Books, 1989, p.82


 Nine Springs

Nine Springs


Emerging from the Swan, the view facing the theatregoer is of the hill which provides such a splendid natural backdrop to the town. To the right, amid the trees, is the famed beauty spot of Ninesprings. Once available to the public only by ticket obtainable from the owner, Town Clerk, Col. H.B.Batten. Eventually acquired by the District Council. Once picturesque thatched cottage where teas were available had suffered neglect during the war years and was allowed to fall into ruin; it disappeared completely. (pulled down in 1973.) One can still discover the nine springs which gave it its name. Ninesprings is now part of Yeovil Country Park.

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