First flight over Mount Everest.

This was a staggering achievement for its time and helped to map this little known region and led to the development of high altitude technology by Westland.


Westland's modified two of their prototype aircraft (types PV3 and PV6) which were both purposely equipped and their original engines replaced with highly supercharged Bristol Pegasus I S3 engines of some 630 HP. Thus modified they were test flown in January 1933 by Harold Penrose, Chief Test Pilot, to over 35,000 feet.

Other technical developments included electrically heated suits for the crew, heated jackets for the cameras and new oxygen breathing systems.

This led to many of the technical advancements used by Westland's in its high-altitude aircraft and also contributed to the development by Normalair, then a wholly owned subsidiary of Westland, of the oxygen systems used by Tenzing and Hillary when Everest was finally climbed in 1953.


In 1933, a team of British pilots, scientists and technicians flew two Westland aircraft over Mount Everest and took stunning photographs and film of the Himalayas.

First flight over Mount Everest

First flight over Mount Everest

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