The Horseless Carriage

The Horesless Carrage

The Petter Family of Yeovil 1895

Pictured aboard their own 'horseless carriage' are left to right

James Bazeley Petter (1846-1906)

Percival Waddams Petter (1873-1955)

Herbert William Southcombe (1859-1944)

Ernest Willoughby Petter (1873-1954)

The twins, Ernest and Percival designed and built the one horsepower engine in conjunction with Petter Foreman, Ben Jacobs and the vehicle body was designed by Yeovil-based company, Hill and Boll. The Community Heritage Access Centre houses the original engine from the 'horseless carriage'.

Gratitude to Robin Ansell and Marion Barnes for this text.

The Horseless Carriage

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